All children reach healthy social and emotional development through secure and positive relationships. These consistent, nurturing relationships will build the foundation for future academic success and positive social behavior.

The West Virginia Infant/Toddler Mental Health Association is working to build and support the development of professionals to meet the needs of all West Virginia children and families. Through a nationally recognized set of Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies, those working with and for children will use a shared framework, which focuses on relationship practices and gives a platform to address the social and emotional needs of all children.

As part of the competencies, professionals can seek the Infant Mental Health Endorsement which guides professional growth and recognizes the development of professionals who work with or on behalf of infants, toddlers and families.

You can help… by joining the West Virginia Infant/Toddler Mental Health Association, using the Early Childhood Mental Health Competencies as a guideline for best practices with all children, and seeking the Infant Mental Health Endorsement.

This program is being presented with financial assistance as a grant from the WV Department of Health and Human Resources.